Why I believe in God – Part 1

First, let me state some facts about me. I am not a scientist. I am a computer technician. I do like to read about the various branches of science and I consider myself a thinker. I don’t take anyone’s word for anything but instead I obtain the facts for myself. Evolutionists and Atheists frequently accuse religious people of blindly following the Bible or the words of men and accepting as truth what they have been told instead of finding out the facts for themselves. I say shame on those who do that. I will not bring the Bible into this discussion because my belief in the Bible as the inspired word of God has absolutely nothing to do with my belief in God. I feel one must prove to himself the existence or nonexistence of God before giving creed to or discrediting the writings of anyone, man or God. Oddly, I have found in talking about my beliefs to others that Evolutionists and Atheists who are not scientists often do exactly what they ridicule religious people for. They take the word of scientists as fact without proving it to themselves. I spoke recently to one Atheist / Evolutionist who chided me for blindly having faith in the Bible then quoted the writings of a Scientist. When I questioned him further about the topic of the book he had read, he said “I don’t claim to have all the answers, I just know what I read. You will have to ask the author”. Wait…isn’t that faith in a written word without having all the facts? That is why you must keep the writings of others out of it as much as possible. True, you will have to read to learn some basic concepts on the world around us, both scientific and religious. Use what you have learned to draw your own conclusions. You can read a book about how to drive to learn the basics and the rules, but once you get behind the wheel and drive, you are in control of where you go. Be true to yourself and go into it with an open mind.  As I began my search for truth, I decided I would accept the outcome of what I learned for myself, no matter what that outcome was. And that I would consider all the evidence both complimentary and contrary to what I had been taught in my life.  So here it goes. This is why I believe in God.

Let me clear something up. I am NOT a creationist or a Fundamentalist Christian.  While I do believe in creation, Creationists believe that the Universe, the Earth and all life on it were created in six 24 hour long days about 10,000 years ago or less, depending on who you ask.  Hogwash. You can’t argue with certain facts. The speed of light for example. Light travels at a set speed. Numerous types of experiments have verified it. And similar electromagnetic radiation like radio waves and microwaves have been measured and travel at the same speed, about 186, 000 miles per second or 300,000 kilometers per second.  Using triangulation and  trigonometry, you can determine with a very high degree of accuracy the distance of stars within about 400 light years of Earth. Farther than that and scientists use the brightness measurement, which takes the color spectrum of a star to determine its brightness. Knowing that, they look at its brightness from earth, that is how dim it has become once its light reaches us. From that, they can determine distance to the star.  A light year is how far light travels in one year.  The Andromeda Galaxy for example, which can be seen unaided on a good clear night, is about 2.5 MILLION light years away. That means that the light we see now from Andromeda left there about 2.5 million years ago. Hmm… does that work if the universe is only 10K years old? You Creationist and fundamentalist Christians make all of us look ignorant and uneducated.

I am also not against the concept of evolution, but let me explain it. According to Understanding Evolution (, evolution, at least in part is descent with modification. We see this in practice everyday. Genetic factors from the father and mother combine and create a unique descendant. Certain traits from either parent are inherited. Evolution uses a process called phylogeny, “the evolutionary relationships among organisms; the patterns of lineage branching produced by the true evolutionary history of the organisms being considered”.  The problem with this thought process is that it isn’t observable. There is no direct proof. Darwin studied the differences in finches on the Galapagos islands compared to their cousins on the mainland and found the birds on the islands uniquely suited to their environment due to random mutations or descent with modification. I have no problem with that. I call that adaptability. What I have problem with is these two things:

1: They did not evolve into a new KIND. They were still birds, in fact he even still classified them as Finches, albeit different species of them, 13 in total.

2: None of the changes were observable. In other words, Darwin tracked the differences and came to the THEORETICAL conclusion that this was due to evolution. There was not direct observable proof. No fossils depicting finches in various states of transformations. Nothing. Just birds who currently were different enough from their mainland cousins to be classified as a new species of finch.

More to come. Thanks for reading.

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